In Genesis 22, we find the story where Abraham’s faith is tested. Abraham received a promised son from God, whose name was Isaac. In this passage of scripture God speaks to Abraham about his son. God tells Abraham to take his only son, who he loves very much, up to the mountains to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. Abraham was obedient and made his way to the mountain the next morning. On the journey to the mountain Abraham said something that caught my attention. In Genesis 22:5 he says, “The boy and I will travel a little farther, we will worship there, and then come right back”. Abraham knew that he was going up the mountain to build an altar and sacrifice his son as a burnt offering, and he used the word worship to describe this act. Abraham considered sacrificing the very thing that he loved most a form of worship.

            The word worship comes from the old English word weorthscipe which means to show worth or acknowledge the worth of something or someone. We worship God by showing his worth to us, whether it be with our words or with our actions. Abraham showed the worth of God with his actions. He proved that God was worth more than anything else to him. God was worth sacrificing the life of his only son, the promise that he waited for his entire life. He showed the worth of God by trusting him with his promise. Worship is sacrifice, sometimes sacrificing the things that you love most. We must be willing to put God first, to show that he is worthier than anything else in our lives. When we do this we are worshipping with everything that we have. In this season let us be true worshippers, showing the worth of God above everything else, because He is worth it all.

Prayer: Father, today and the rest of our days we choose to surrender and sacrifice to You. You are worth every ounce of praise and worship that is in us. Let our desperation and passion to worship you rise. Amen.

Continue to pray for the hearts that are coming to GT Worship Conference.


-Mikayla Fontenot